Niche vs General Blogging – Which one makes money?

Niche vs General Blogging – Which one makes money? was originally published on WordPress Videos

Published by adrenalinewp

Hi, I'm Stephen Brown. I am the person behind the scenes here at Adrenaline Digital Marketing. In case you're wondering where the Adrenaline part came from, that's my user name on the Warrior Forum where I got my start in marketing. I've adopted that for my "Pen Name" if you will. I have been involved in Internet marketing for around 9 years now, first as an affiliate marketer. I make a living by doing Custom WordPress Development for local businesses plus an occasional IM client. At iDevelop WP, I sell WordPress plugins I've created for myself that many find very useful for marketing. I started this blog to share some of the experience and knowledge that I've gained over the years during my marketing journey. The content you will find here is a result of many lessons learned the hard way. Hopefully I can save you some time, effort and pain on your journey. On a personal note, as you might have guessed from the photo above I happen to be a fan of the LA (again) Rams. In truth, I'm just a huge football fan in general. I listen to primarily alternative music these days but Rock and Metal still have a place in my heart. I have a passion for good food and drink, and I love to cook. I'm also a closet Photoshop addict who loves to play with graphics in my spare time. But enough about me. Now about digital marketing...

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